We develop drugs by leveraging a strong team of researchers, advisors, and collaborators. Our management is composed of renowned scientists with proven records of accomplishment in pharmaceutical research and development. All members of the management team have many years of research experience in various Universities and Research Institutes in the EU, US, and Japan.
Török, Zsolt, PhD, CEO
Vígh, László, PhD, DSc, Director of Research, Academician, Professor emeritus  (Biological Research Center); Honorary Professor (University of Szeged).
Penke, Botond, D.Chem, PhD, DSc, Director of Chemical Development, Academician, (University of Szeged)

Bernáth, Sándor, PhD, MBA, Director of Development, Honorary Reader (Debrecen Medical University).

Philip Hooper, MD, Medical Director



Zsolt Torok, PhD- Co-founder of LipidArt. Received his PhD from University of Szeged, Hungary in 1998. Trained biophysicist working on the biophysical aspects of stress response of bacteria and mammalian cells. Studied the effect of heat adaptation and heat-shock inducers on the membrane structure by using different spectroscopic approaches and ultrasensitive fluorescence microscopy. Explored mitochondrial protein import at the Utrecht University (The Netherlands; 1992-1994) and the bio-preservation of mammalian cells by lyophilization at the University of California (Davis, USA; 2002-2004). Has over 70 publications and over 4000 citations.
László Vígh, PhD, DSc - Co-founder of LipidArt. Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS, 2004) and Academia Europaea (2014). Honorary professor at the Szeged University (2005). Leads the Molecular Stress Biology research group at the Institute of Biochemistry, Biological Research Centre (BRC) of HAS at Szeged from 1987. Was awarded the highest state prize for science in Hungary – ‘Széchenyi Award’, 1998 - for his work in lipid-membrane and stress research. Was director of his Institute from 1994 to 2004, deputy director general of BRC in innovation and technology issues between 2001-2014, member of directorial board of Biorex R&D US-Hungarian biotech Company from 1997-2003. Spent about six years abroad (Holland, France, Japan, Texas, California) as postdoc or visiting professor. Has over 200 publications, 11 patents and a total citation over 15000.
Ferenc Fülöp, D.Chem, PhD, DSc - Co-founder of LipidArt. Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS, 2007), professor at the Szeged University (1991-), Head of Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (1998), formerly Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Szeged (2006-2012). Main research interest is synthesis and stereochemistry of heterocycles, ring-chain tautomerism, enantioselective reactions, beta-amino acids, enzyme-catalysed reactions, drug discovery research. Spent about three years abroad (Finland, Scotland, Germany) as postdoc or visiting professor. Has over 700 publications (over 5300 independent citations), 27 patents. Awards: Geza Zemplen prize, 1983, Charles Simonyi Award 2002, Denes Gabor Award 2002, Victor Bruckner Award 2006. Died in 2021.
Sándor Bernáth, PhD, MBA – Co-founder of LipidArt. Has more than 30 years of experience in academia and life science industry. Honorary Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy at University of Debrecen, Hungary. Previously served as COO for N-Gene Research Laboratories, Hungary/USA; Deputy Director of Science for Biorex, Hungary/UK; and Research Assistant Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience at University of Pittsburgh, USA. Has directed one drug development project from lead selection to Phase 2 clinical trials. Has written expert reviews for marketing authorization applications of 19 drugs; compiled and submitted to authorities 7 clinical trial applications, 10 orphan designation applications, and 2 PIP applications. Has experience in interacting with the health authorities in the EU including the EMA. Received his MSc in Biology and Chemistry with excellent record from Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, where also earned a University Doctorate in Anatomy and Cell Biology with Summa cum laude record. Received his PhD in Biological Sciences from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, and did his postdoctoral training at University of Pittsburgh, Dept. of Behavioral Neuroscience, USA. Holds an MBA degree from Brunel University, London, UK. Awards: Central Research Development Award, University of Pittsburgh, USA (1993); Sheldon Novick Award, Tourette Syndrome Association, USA (1993); Green card in the US upon "Preference A" as an "Outstading scientist" (1994). Has 42 publications (18 in peer-reviewed SCI journals with over 500 independent citations)and 5 patents.
Philip Hooper, MD - received his medical degree in 1973 from the University of Tennessee, Memphis, USA. Board certified in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology and Metabolism, his career blends academic medicine, clinical practice, and translational medicine. His 1999 New England Journal of Medicine  “Hot tub therapy for type 2 diabetes” study spawned a new perspective of the disease - resulting in a new understanding the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes. He is a senior editor of the Cell Stress and Chaperones.  He has authored eight New England Journal of Medicine publications, 42 peer-reviewed publications, and has 437 citations.
Botond Penke, D.Chem, PhD, DSc - Co-founder of LipidArt. Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS, 2001), leader of the Alzheimer s disease research group at the Institute of Medical Chemistry, Szeged University since 1994. Was awarded with the "Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Award" in 2005 for his scientific and research school forming work. Was the director of the Institute of Medical Chemistry (1989-2005).  Coordinator of the Neurobiological Research Center of the University of Szeged since 2004. Was one of the principal investigators of the EU-5 project ‘Lipidiet’ (2002-2005) and also a participant in the EU-7 project. ‘LipiDiDiet’. Has over 400 publications (over 6000 citations).
Ibolya Horváth, PhD - Co-founder of LipidArt. Received PhD in biochemistry at the University of Szeged in 1980, senior staff member from 1986. Focuses on understanding the temperature adaptation and stress response/tolerance of different organisms at the level of the membrane. Spent about 6 years as postdoc and senior scientist in The Netherlands, the United States (Texas and California), England, France and Japan. Lately her studies are focused on the operation of signaling cascades starting from the surface membranes and resulting in refined stress protein response in various disease states of mammalian cells. She is at home in cell culturing, different membrane/lipid biochemistry methods and also in protein work. Has 103 publications and 4 patents, over 4300 citations.
GáborBalogh, PhD -Co-founder of LipidArt. Staff scientist in the Biological Research Centre (BRC) of HAS at Szeged from 1993. Primary interest is lipidomics but also gained experience in pharmacology at the Szeged University. Worked in the Department of Pharmacology of the University of Szeged (1989-1994) focusing on vascular pharmacology. Main areas of interest are membrane and lipid biochemistry, biophysics, and cell biology of stress response. Has established lipidomics and system biological aspects of stress signaling. Has regular collaborations with laboratories in Naples, Rome, Paris, and Regensburg. Has 34 publications and over 1750 citations.